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Production Line
  • Test & calibration line
  • Test & calibration line
  • Flow rate sensor test room
  • Test & calibration line
  • Test & calibration line
  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.
  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.



China Water Meter Online Market factory production line 0

As a professional antenna manufacturer, we have our own extrusion cable department, so we have big advantage about price and delivery time.

There are 11 production lines of our factory at present, which can ensure the daily demand of customer.
Our daily capacity is as follows:

RF cable, 30K/day
I-PEX Cable: 120K/day
External Antenna: 20K/day
Internal antenna: 40K/day

There are 10 sets network analyzer in our production line to insure all of our products 100% pass the electrical performance tests. Also we have strict control on the product appearance

  • Static device room
  • Static device room
  • Flow rate sensor tester

Boges can provide the solution of Antenna design based on customer requirement.


Expertise, Experience and innovative technolog, our R&D abilities meet the customer's requirement. High levels of teh engineering equipments enable to provide you with the perfect results.